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Rare Moment by MizfitJess Rare Moment by MizfitJess
how rare is this moment? so rare i came up with a scenario for it!
more L4D stuff and fluff :faint:

now first of all this scene is completely OCC, like a small story that popped in my head:
and second if you don't know who who Wergulz or mini hunter is go to :icondust-bite:'s profile,
yes i fell in love with the mini hunter and i had to draw something for Torri,
and i got the inspiration at 4 in the morning :dummy:

heres the little scenario/story:

Wergulz hated babysitting the mini hunter, or as it was now known as “bonding time”. The mini hunter chased after a little butterfly, practicing his pounces, Wergulz couldn’t care less. He bounded a tree to relax in, and if the little demon needed him it could climb the tree to get him.

The mini hunter played around the tall grass still trying to catch the butterfly. That is until he bumped into another body.
Two hunters crouched in front of the mini hunter sat there looking at the little hunter. They were about the age of teenagers and looked as bored as teenagers. The mini hunter tried to sound ferocious by hissing at the other hunters. The other hunters merely smirked and pushed the miny hunter down.

Yes the mini hunter was dangerous but he wasn’t much of a match against two taller, stronger, and older hunters.
The mini hunter tried to get up and fight but was constantly pushed down again and again.

Wergulz was still in the tree relaxing and enjoying the cool autumn day. He looked over to check on the little brat he had to take care of and saw the mini hunter being bullied by the other two older hunters. He had to admit it was funny seeing the little twerp get pushed around like that. He thought they were all just playing around and went back to lying on the tree branch. That was until a small distress shrill of pain hit his ears. Wergulz looked back in time to see one of the other hunters punch the mini hunter; the little hunter lay on the ground shaking. Two thoughts popped into Wergulz’s mind: First, he didn’t like the miny hunter, the thought of spending time with him made him want to up chuck the survivor he ate, but it was still a little creature, and didn’t deserve being beaten. And second, he could get in major trouble if the mini hunter was hurt.

Wergulz growled, a warning sound, and the two other hunters looked in time to see Wergulz pounce on them. They quickly ran with their tails between their legs. They were inexperienced at the most and probably just wanted a quick meal. Wergulz looked down and quickly picked up the mini hunter. It wasn’t injured but it was shaking, probably form the trauma. The mini hunter grabbed Wergulz’s hoddie, still scared and shaken. Wergulz held the mini hunter close to try and calm his nerves, he wasn’t about to get punished for something he didn’t do. The mini hunter did try to defend itself but it was still too small to defend itself from a hoard of older hunters. Wergulz had to come to its rescue or else it would have been injured, or worse, eaten.
Wergulz looked down at the little hunter and he felt like he was the things only protector.

And in a way, he was.

lame ending it finished with and yes that was what i was thinking. AGAIN, this might be completely occ for these two characters so take that into consideration since i don't know the characters, and there could be spelling mistakes too since again its 4 in the morning when im doing this

but i really love how the coloring came out on this :iconhunterlaplz:
i had like 5 tabs open to reference the color and everything for this.

i hope Torri likes it :iconhunter3plz:

Wergulz & Mini hunter (c) :icondust-bite:
Hunter (c) Valve
Art (c) by me
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October 18, 2013
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