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Just Joking by MizfitJess Just Joking by MizfitJess
There were no stars, there was no moon, it was a new moon, but that night it felt like the end, even when it wasn't.  Rochelle and Coach were both sound asleep in the safe house for another night.  The small group of survivors had made it and were safe, all except one.  Nick was still wide awake and outside of the safe house, he didn't care if any infected saw him and killed him,he hadn't seen one in a long time, and at that moment he really didn't care.  He kneeled down on one knee and stared at the pinned trucker hat on the makeshift tombstone; pinned so it wouldn't blow away in the wind, Nick just couldn't handle seeing that all too familiar hat buried. The tombstone itself was just a makeshift wooden board with Ellis' name etched in it via a sharp rock.
A rock.
Thats how it ended the life of Ellis.  And it was the fault of a tank.  Nick would of saved him, if he wasn't jumped by a jockey.  In a way Nick felt like Ellis' death was all his fault, even though Ellis was a bit of a zombie magnet, but now Nick had a chance to say his proper goodbyes to his unlikely friend Ellis.  His damned ego wouldn't let him earlier, especially not with a crying Rochelle near by.
 "You bury him Nick, i know Ellis would of wanted that" Coach had said.  And in his heart, Nick knew he was right.
Yes Ellis annoyed the living hell out of Nick, but he was just a kid and he brought laughter to the group whenever times were bad, always telling stories about him and his friend Keith.
Nick wiped tears off his scared face with his suit, not caring if it got dirty, it was already covered with zombie goo, blood, dirt, and mud.  It didn't make a difference.
Nick placed a single rose on the ground near Ellis' tombstone, a rose that somehow managed to bloom in the apocalypse, almost oblivious to the fact that there was danger all around it, it still bloomed, just like Ellis.
Nick stood before the grave trying to compose himself before he went back inside, he could just imagine Ellis saying something about that
'Shoot Nick, ya'll don't have ta hide your tears from us, that's the least of our problems'
"Yeah, you're right overalls, tears don't matter" Nick said to the silent air.  At least that was one thing he agreed upon with Ellis.  He always made fun of the southerner for his love of horses and Jimmy Gibbs Jr.  It was the only thing Nick found fun in this whole damned zombie apocalypse.
Nick breathed one more time and said bit his friend one last goodbye.
"Hey, Ellis, you know all that shit I was saying? I was just joking"

omg this is my 3rd deviation today, and i still have 1 left to go :dummy:
and i warned you all that i would draw alot of things with feels today :iconfeelsplz:

and this took me so long to sketch, especially nicks pose, im still practicing getting poses and hands right, but this one turned out better than expected,
though there was supposed to be rain, and there wasn't a safe house before, but i like this
and there's a story along with it! omg im sorry xD
ahhhhh and i added Nick's famous words from L4D2 when Ellis dies in the game, uhhh sorry xD

on an unrelated note! i won my first campaign on L4D! Blood harvest! and i burned a witch with a molotov xD it was funny im so proud of myself, im not such a noob anymore xD
and this is also my first time EVER drawing nick, i hope i did a good job, i didn't' do my usual 'anime' style

gods, im now in the nellis fandom :XD:
ah well

hope ya'll like it!
and please don't kill me for me killing Ellis.
you know there's at least one grammatical mistake in the story xD

im going to take a small break and then im going to work on my last piece of art then its off to bed...or not xD

Nick & Ellis (c) Valve
Art (c) Me
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Pamela037730 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Artist
Oh! No, El! ;-;
Sefriu Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
KayyVenom Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
oh hey I swear I just dumped water all over my face s'all good man.

This was beautiful. But depressing. <//3
MizfitJess Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Student
aww im sorry :cheer up hug:
thanks though :meow:
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