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i haven't been on here in forever

and somehow my old ygo things are still getting faves and likes and all that jazz, i don't mind it, but it was mostly (de)motivational poster things that i did when i was...not so mature..? if thats the word i was looking for

im not one to delete whole accounts when im done with them, i still like to search art on here, so no, i wont delete my DA, but i just wont post as much, or at all unless i have an outstanding community loving everything i do, and since i tend to move from fandom to fandom it might be difficult to find motivation in things i don't like anymore,
but thats the cycle of any fandom, like one thing, endulge in it for a while then grow out of it and find a new thing to love
 looking at my artwork i went from ygo, to Left 4 dead, Thor, Assassins creed, to daft punk
and now im mostly into mystery skulls, meta knight, team fortress 2, and still some daft punk and assassins creed here and there

looking back at my artwork makes me cringe a little inside, i was still a noob for lack of of a better word
and since my computer decided to get rid of my paint tools sai, i haven't been able to really draw anything online,
my ultimate goal is to get a tablet,
i love to draw and i wanna do it digitally, since traditional art takes some time to draw right then scan it then save and etc.

and i do like digital sketches more than pencil sketches, idk just my opinion on that
i am coming up on my second year of being a deviant so theres that
this website just slows down my internet so much,
and i gave up on being a premium member

so yeah , thats about it,
this is basically just an update to let you know im not dead, ive just been on tumblr alot

but now that im here for the moment im gonna go post some art
excuse me
A month had passed since Skrillex and Deadmau5 had visited you, and in that time both Guy and Thomas had grown a good five inches taller. Your friend even noticed it when they came to take care of the bots for you when you had to go to work.

Sonny did have a point when it came time to change the bot’s synthetic ‘skin’.  The material almost had the look of stretched leggings over mechanical parts.

Sonny had come ready for the procedure, Joel still looked bored, now more noticeable since this time he didn’t have his big mouse head on.  He settled for playing on your xbox while the robots were being fitted in your living room on top a makeshift operating table.

Changing the skin was no problem for Sonny, getting the bots to lie still for a moment or two was going to be a problem.

Thomas and Guy-man seemed nervous around Sonny, even more around Joel.  Sonny had admitted to putting the robots through a lot of tests during the time he had them.  They had human parts so they would feel human pain.  You felt anger at that, but you couldn’t do anything about it now, only to try to calm your bots as much as you could.  Although, even that was difficult for you to accomplish as you watched Sonny take off Thomas’ skin off first.

Thomas helmet was taken off first; you didn’t see a brain to your relief.  The skin covered all of Thomas’ body and stopped around the top of Thomas’ head.  The front of his face had many more wires and LED lights where his eyes would be.  Thomas also had a little speaker where his mouth would be, you guessing that might have been his voice box.  The material used as skin might have been a good inch or two in thickness.  Under the material was a multitude of thick wires, smaller ones lied underneath, probably for protection.   Thomas’ brain was under the metal parts, as Sonny explained to you.  Thomas’ brain was the most vulnerable part of his body, and had to be protected even more than the wires.  Robot parts could be easily replaced, a brain could not.  Sonny poked at Thomas’ head and lifted a small flap that released the material.  You had seen your little bots ‘naked’ before but not that naked.  Without his black covering, Thomas looked more so like a robot.

Thomas’ change was quick and easy.  Sonny explained that at a later time Thomas would have to have the metal covering his brain expanded as well as his brain was growing.  Failure to do this would result in devastating results that you didn’t want to think about.  You had seen too many ER programs on TV to know what happens when a brain has no room to expand.

With Thomas’ helmet back on and the new material replaced he could easily walk around the house now, he wasn’t as scared of Sonny as before, but he still kept his distance.

Guy was up next to have his little procedure done; that is if you could even find him.

“Where did Guy-Manuel go?” Sonny asked looking around the living room.

“I don’t know” you answer as you also look around the room for Guy.  You knew Guy was nervous but you didn’t know he would go missing.

“Gee man!” Thomas announces as he’s sitting near your couch.  And hiding under your couch was Guy-man, with only his bottom and legs sticking out of the couch.  It seemed he had thought this a good time to use his legs and walk away from this scary situation.

“Ah, Guy-Manuel is still as timid as ever” Sonny didn’t seemed surprised at Guy’s behavior.  You would have told Sonny to stop with the whole operation now but Guy still had to have his skin material changed.

“Come on Guy, don’t be scared, Sonny is here to help you” You grab for Guy’s waist and pull him out from under the couch.

“No! No!” Guy says as his digital cries fill the air.  He grabs for anything he can to keep him from meeting his fate.

“This is going to help you Guy, please understand” Calming Guy was no use, he was crying his robot tears and saying something in a different language that you were sure was hurting his poor voice in some way.

With Guy in your arms you brought him towards Sonny, to which Guy only hid his face from and again tried to make himself smaller than possible.

“I could shut him down to make the process easier, you know” Sonny recommended.

“What? Shut him down?” How? Did he mean that Thomas and Guy had an ‘on-off’ switch of some sort?

“It will only be temporary, and it would make things go more smoothly”
“yeah, we’re not doing that” You weren’t about to leave your little gold bot in the dark.

“As you wish” Sonny knew you weren’t open to suggestions when it came to doing anything with Thomas and Guy, so after a few questions he would give up and try it a different way.

“Gee!” Thomas was at your feet begging to be picked up.

An idea popped in your head.  Guy did seem to be calmer when Thomas was around; maybe having Thomas on the table with Guy would make everything go better.

“Here Guy, sit with Thomas” You pick up Thomas and sit both on the table.  Guy was still crying but your plan had worked.

At least for a moment you thought it did.

As soon as sonny reached for Guy, Guy started freaking out.

“Well, I can’t do anything right with Guy-Manuel freaking out like this…So you’re gonna have to do the procedure yourself”
“What?! I don’t know how to change Guy’s skin” Thomas you had witnessed firsthand how it was possible but Guy was a little different than his brother.

“Changing Guy-Manuel’s skin will actually be easier than you think.  Just follow my instructions and you’ll be fine” Sonny didn’t seemed annoyed at all at your resentment at changing the bots.  He probably knew you were nervous, so he took things slow with you.

Taking off Guys helmet was the first step.  He didn’t mind it when you did it.  You weren’t sure what you expected but it certainly surprised you when you saw Guy helmet less.

His head looked like it was chopped in half, but the front of Guy’s face looked like a big circuit board.  Sonny directed you towards where the skin started and ended.  It indeed was easier than it looked.  The skin basically slipped on like a full body onesie, again, everything seeming to be easier than expected.

With the entire ordeal over Guy and Thomas hid behind your legs, shying away from any more contact from Sonny.

“Well, the new synthetic skin should last a good year or so.  After than they will need another change, maybe by then they won’t be as afraid of me”

“Maybe, but thanks for helping them out, I appreciate it” you meant every word you said.  You didn’t know a lick of mechanics and robot parts at all; you barely even knew how to change a tire.  Having Sonny around was blessing.

“No problem.  We’ll visit you again when it’s time for their next checkup”
“Um, Sonny, you’re welcome to just visit and have some lunch next time.  It’s the least I can do for everything you’ve done”
Sonny’s eyes lit up in a way you’ve never seen.  Sonny had mentioned that he had been running away from police, there was a strong change that he hasn’t had a good home cooked meal or a warm place to stay in a while.

“Thanks, I might take you up on that offer”

Sonny called for Joel to leave, to which Joel almost resented as he was almost beating an entire team on multiplayer.

Sonny waved goodbye, Joel just gave you an accepting look after Sonny told him about your offer.

You now had two more friends to keep you company at home.


You spend the rest of the day lazing around the house with the bots, you feel as if they deserve that after all you put them through.  The bots did understand that what you had Sonny do to them was necessary.  Thomas could crawl, walk, run, and crawl with much more ease, and so could Guy-man.  You apologized to your bots again for everything, to which they simply climbed to your sides and cuddled with you.

You were forgiven, but you wondered how much your bots were willing to take before they ultimately left you.

You tried not thinking about that.

Feeling sleep tugging at you again you take a short nap with your bots by your sides, all the fear and tears gone.


It was dark; there was nothing near you that could give you light.  You were scared and you didn’t know where the hell you were.  You’re sitting down that’s all you knew; you couldn’t get up, that only made you even more scared.  Feeling around with your hands, you gather that you were in the woods.  Why the hell were you in the woods?  How did you get there?

“Mother!” a robotic voice screams, interrupting your thoughts.  You don’t know how but you recognize it as Guy-man.

“Mom!” another voice, it was Thomas this time.

You feel yourself being picked up by the bots.  Their helmets emitting a light so that you can barely see that it fact it is them.  Only thing was that they were now full grown and a good foot taller than you, and they were wearing their leather jackets again.

“Are you injured?” Guy asks in a worried tone.

You try to speak but nothing comes out.

“She is hurt let us leave!” Thomas was in a hurry to leave, and you didn’t complain.

Thomas and Guy help you walk, but not even five steps are taken before you hear two gunshots.  You see one bullet go through Thomas’ helmet, destroying his brain.  The second bullet went through Guy’s chest, eliminating his heart.

You scream at the sight of your fallen bots, your voice finally coming back to you.  You turn to see who could have done this to your bots.

A man with a black mask holding a gun his demon eyes just illuminating his position.

You look down to your robots, red and black fluid escaping form their wounds.  Thomas was gone; Guy had only seconds before he too was gone from this world.

‘Run’ was the last thing you saw on Guy’s screens before you look up again and  saw the gun pointed at you and seeing the now half masked man mouth the words ‘I’m coming for you’


You shoot straight up in bed, something you only thought happened in movies and books.

What the hell was that dream?  Why were your bots dead?

Questions ran through your mind as to what might have caused a dream like that.  Your recent dreams, if you had any, haven’t been unpleasant at all.

Looking down, you see your bots still happily sleeping at your sides, not having a care in the world.

Something catches your eye as you examine them gently for any signs of damage.  Both on the back of Thomas’ helmet and Guy’s back were two small sticky notes with targets painted on them.

Was this a premonition of things to come?

You hoped to high heaven it wasn’t.
Robot Parenting pt. 7
last up to date part on RP, ill hopefully be keeping this site updated with everything, but again everything i do is on tumblr now cause thats the circle of life
from myaspace to facebook
to dA to tumblr

(c) Daft Punk
Robot Parenting (c) me
The room is dark, barely any light to see the way out. The only thing that lights the small room is two small screens displaying various amounts of information.

Two figures are watching the monitors, one more interested in the information than the other.

“How are they doing?” one figure asks, sipping what could possibly be coffee, not really showing interest in the things displayed.

“Systems are running normally, nothing significant has really happened, they are growing at an amazing rate…can you stop drinking near the monitors?  If you spill it we will lose all information on project ‘Daft Punk’.” The other figure says.

“Heh, it’s your project, not mine.  Besides I’m bored of being cooped up in here”

“Well your waiting is just about up, tonight is the night, and we’ll be taking the bots back”


You wake up every day with the bots next to you, and you still think it’s all a dream, or some prank.  But someone wouldn’t prank you for a good five weeks straight.  It actually feels like it has been longer to you.  You had been with your bots for not too long but you feel like they’ve been part of your life all this time.

Thomas had already learned how to walk a good ten feet without really leaning on anything.  Guy-man was still learning, but he preferred to be carried by you or just staying in one place until moving was really necessary.  Taking as many precautions as you could, you wrapped towels around anything sharp that might damage the bots.  Thomas was careful but you still weren’t taking any chances after the incident with Guy-man.

At the current moment you’re on your bed, watching the bots sleep.  That was one of your favorite pastimes in the rare mornings when you woke up before the bots.  Thomas and Guy always slept in strange and funny ways.  Thomas always seemed to find a way to lie on top of Guy, though it seemed that Guy didn’t mind as he sometimes used Thomas as a blanket.

Tonight was New Year’s Eve, the night where people celebrated yet another finished year of accomplishments and failures, and starting a new year full of even more wins and fails.

Again, you weren’t going to do anything in particular tonight, it would just be you and the bots.  Your friend was thinking of inviting you over to a New Year’s Eve party but you had no one to take care of the bots, and bringing them along was out of the question.  So it would just be you and the bots tonight.

For now you try to get a few more winks of sleep, but that plan quickly fades as the bots slowly jitter awake.

They both open their digital eyes and both bots are greeted with your morning hair style.

“Mama!” Thomas always is first to greet you.  When Thomas woke he would crawl over to you and hug your face and laugh.  Guy would follow behind, but he would crawl near your side and cuddle with you.

“Morning Thomas, morning guy, did you guys sleep ok?”

“Yes mama!” Thomas answered.  Thomas had gained enough confidence now that he could respond to you with ‘yes or no’ answers.  That made things easier whenever he needed anything. Thomas was always the first one to respond, guy seemed like he knew how to say words, but again, he chose not to talk unless it was really necessary.

You get up from bed and head to the basket where you now put the bot’s clothing.  You decide to dress Guy and Thomas in small little glittery suits for the celebration tonight.  The suits themselves would glitter like crazy whenever any amount of light would hit them, which made you wonder how you would take pictures with a flash.

Looking through the other pieces of clothing the bots had you take a second glance at the little leather jackets Guy and Thomas first wore when you met them.  You had never noticed before but on the back of both the jackets the words ‘Daft Punk’ were present.  This made you wonder what the two words mean.  To you it sounded like a punk band name or something.  Deciding that you would google the two words later you put the little jackets away and take Guy and Thomas to the living room.

The rest of the day you spent getting everything ready for the countdown to the New Year.  Guy and Thomas don’t completely grasp the idea of the New Year’s thing yet but they still loved seeing people on TV together dancing, singing, wearing funny hats and glasses, and just simply seeing the many lights and tall buildings in town square.  A small pang of guilt hits you as you know that Guy or Thomas may never really leave your house except for maybe Halloween when all the little kids are wearing costumes.  You may be able to pass off the bots as little babies in robot costumes.

For the third time now, someone knocks on your door, very harshly this time.  You think it could be your friend but then Thomas and Guy started getting upset over something you couldn’t see.

“What’s wrong guys?” You ask in hopes Guy or Thomas would answer.

“Non! Non!” Thomas goes over and hugs Guy and then reaches out to you for a hug.

“I have to go answer the door Thomas, I’ll be right back”

“Non!!” Thomas was getting even more anxious for some reason.  The bots probably did have higher senses than you, so you took precautions and got ready for anyone threatening you at the door.

“I’ll be right back, don’t make a sound ok?” You quietly command Thomas and Guy, Thomas almost seems like he’s hyperventilating in fear, but you head to the door which was now almost being pounded by whoever was at your door.  They couldn’t be robbers or else they would have already broken in.

You look out from your window to see and interesting sight.

There were two guys standing by your door.  The first one was a short male, probably around his mid to late twenties.  He had shoulder length hair, but what made it weird was that half of his head was shaven, with only one side having the long hair.  He had glasses that looked like the kind some teens wore for fashion, but the one’s this guy was wearing looked real enough.  He was wearing a black hoodie and black jeans, pretty much everything he was wearing was black expect for his shoes that had white laces.

The next guy was the exact opposite of the first one.  He was a good one or two feet taller than the first guy, and he was wearing a giant read mouse helmet.  He had tattoos all over his arms and around his neck.  His shirt was plainly just black expect for the one phrase saying ‘No’ accompanied by some faded ripped jeans.  At his feet was a tubby black and white cat.

It seemed like all the strange things were knocking at your door.

You hesitantly open the door to the two guys, keeping your mace close at hand.

“Um, Hello…?”

“Hi”, the shorter male in black responds, “sorry to bother you tonight, I’m Sonny, but you can call me Skrillex.  And this funny looking guy is Joel, or Deadmau5”

“Sup” the guy named Deadmau5 replied in a kind of bland way.

“Okay…is there something I can help you with?” You ask, trying not to sound too offensive or mean.

“Yeah you can give us the bots back” Deadmau5 blatantly blurts out in a deep tone contradicting the smile on his helmet.

“What?!” You were about to question what the mouse head meant by the bots but you quickly realized that they were after Thomas and Guy.

“Wait, wait! I apologize for Joel’s behavior, if you would let us explain first we’ll be happy to clear things up!” the one named Skrillex yelled out, knowing you were ready to attack.

“You’re after my bots why isn’t that reason enough to get a face full of mace!” In the back of your head, you knew Guy and Thomas would be taken away from you someday, you knew it was going to be hard to let them go, but you thought you would be giving them away to a robot mom or some aliens, not some long haired nerd with a weirdo.

“Please just give me five minutes to explain!” Skrillex pleaded out.

You still weren’t’ sure if you could trust these guys, but if they were after your bots they would have overpowered you already and taken them away.

“You have five minutes to explain” You say while getting out of your attack pose you took subconsciously.

“Oh god, thank you.  Can we come in? It’s kind of cold out” Skrillex asked as he rubbed his arms in an attempt to get warm.

“No” your tone was amazingly complying with you, usually when you tried to sound threating you voice would crack or something.

“…Please? I’m freezing out her-“
“You’re down to three minutes, use them wisely” You threaten.

“Ah! Ok, ok, like I said I’m Skrillex and my companion here is Deadmau5, these are kind of code names we go by.  I’m a robotics engineer and a bit of a musician, and so is Joel.  We have been working on a project for a couple of years now; we called it project ‘Daft Punk’”

The image of the bot’s jackets runs through your mind as you possibly found the source of the words.

“I’m guessing you know where I’m heading with this”, Skrillex continued “Sadly, we had some…issues with some of our fellow workers.  So as a result, Joel and I had to take the project on the road.  I was able to finish it, amazingly, but I had some feds on my tail.  The project was almost complete, it just needed to develop.  I had to leave the project with someone who would take care of it.  That’s where you came in.  I left Guy-Manuel and Thomas with you without any knowledge of your personality or background.  I knew you wouldn’t exactly know what you were inviting into your home, so I left a note in the way a mother leaving her child would.  But I left some simplistic instructions on their care.  I was able to escape from those who wanted to take away my project from me.  Joel and I were able to find a small bunker to hide in, but I was still connected to Thomas and Guy-Manuel, I was able to see their ‘vitals’ and see if they had any injuries.  Of course, you’ve experienced the result of what happened when one of the bots gets hurt.  With the help of Meowingtons, we were able to get the new parts over to you in no time”

The cat at Joel’s feet meowed at the sound of his name.

“Now that things have cooled down, I can now take my project back and continue working on it” Skrillex finished off.

“So yeah, whatever, just give us the bots back and we’ll leave you alone and shit” Joel commented, still looking bored as all can be.

“You’re not taking my bots away from me” You were sure to put a lot of emphasis on stating that the bots were yours now.

“Listen i-“

“No, you listen here.  I’ve had these bots for about a month, at first I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at.  I thought it was a prank at first, but after I found out Guy and Thomas were real I got used to it.  I grew to love them as if they were my own babies, and then you come along and say that they are nothing more than a ‘project’.  A project I have no idea what you’re even going to do with.  Are you going to blow up the planet with them?  Are you creating a new species?  You’re leaving a lot of information out from me you know!”

With your rant over you try to control your breathing, if you get too mad your anger would turn into tears.

“Mama?!” Thomas’ distant voice was heard from the living room.  He heard you yelling, you rarely yelled so that was something for him to worry about.

“’Mama’? They call you mother?” Skrillex added.

“Yeah, I’ve taken care of them so it makes sense they would call me that” sarcasm was now seeping its way into your tone.

“Strange…” Skrillex looks down in deep thought.

You didn’t want to leave the bots alone for any longer, so put away your mace in your pocket and let the so called ‘musicians’ come into your home.

“You can come in, but if you lay a hand on Guy or Thomas Ill cut it off in a heartbeat”
Joel’s impatient attitude gets the better of him. “Are you shitting me?! Skrill lets just take the bots and-“

“No, Joel let’s just go inside before we freeze to death.” Skrillex, seeming like the one with common sense, accept your invitation and heads inside with you.

You make sure to take your baby bots in your arms before Skrillex or Deadmau5 get a chance to even look at them.

“Amazing” Skrillex adds as he closes your door and sees you holding Guy and Thomas.  Both bots were squirming uncomfortably in your arms.

“They seemed to have evolved beyond what I expected” Skrillex was analyzing the bots, but from a safe distance, knowing full well you’ll defend the bots to the end.

Both Thomas and Guy could feel a strangers gaze upon them, Thomas hides under your hair while Guy hides his face and tries to make himself even smaller than he was.  If you weren’t in a stressful situation right now you would have thought that was adorable.

“Okay you’ve seen them, now you can answer the questions I have” Your own town is unfriendly as you hated seeing your bots sad or upset.  You just wanted the two guys gone.

Joel just sighed and sat lazily on your couch; Meowingtons climbed up on top of his lap and curled up into a ball.

“What do you want to know?” Skrillex asked, he was more than happy to answer any question you had.

“Why did you leave Guy and Thomas with me?” You ask.

“Like I said, I had people following me, threatening to take Thomas and Guy-Manuel away from me and possibly destroy them.”

Your heart skips a beat to the thought of seeing separate parts of Guy and Thomas in a broken heap.  You couldn’t think of a world where the two bots didn’t exist.

“Why did you create Thomas and Guy in the first place?”

“Believe it or not, it isn’t for anything bad.  I want to create two robots that live, breathe, and eat, figuratively, music.  They will create music and be successful in life if I’m not.  I too am a musician, but if that career fails ill have something to fall back on.  Thomas and Guy-Manuel are also the first hyper intelligent robots ever created.  They have emotions and they feel and think for themselves.”

That all explained Thomas and Guy’s love for music, they always loved playing music.

“…How can the bots grow?  I’ve noticed that they are getting bigger almost every week” that question was one you’ve wanted to know the answer to for a long time.

“Ah, that question is easy to answer actually.  The bots are designed to grow because they have actual human parts inside of them, to give them a more human experience.  Thomas has a real brain in his helmet, while Guy-Manuel has a heart.  Have you ever put your ear to Guy’s chest?  You can hear a light beating through the wires.”

That thought never occurred to you.  The bots always acted human because they had human parts inside of them.  Subconsciously you put your ear to Guy’s chest, which in turn made Guy giggle even in this tension filled situation.  Sure enough, there was a light beating in Guy’s chest; it was probably well covered because it certainly wasn’t something you would pick up easily.

“As for the growing, they have robotic parts that expand as time goes on.  I’ve gathered that if robots are ‘raised’ from children to adults they tend to have a much deeper understanding and love of music. Of course just like children their attitudes depend on the environment they are raised in.  That’s where you came in, obviously if Thomas and Guy stayed with me they would be living in fear and on low charge all the time, they needs someone to show them love and actually give them a home where they can live happily.  Although, their synthetic skin won’t last for long, it is durable but its limited, as they grow their skin will become tight, limiting movement, and ultimately resulting in tears in the material, exposing their wires.”

A hundred thoughts ran through your head.  It all sounded fake, but at the same time it made some kind of sense.  There was one question you had left to ask to Skrillex.

“Are you going to take Guy and Thomas away from me?”
To that Guy and Thomas started freaking out in your arms.  Guy started crying loudly and Thomas grabbed on to you with all his might.  Both bots can understand sentences well, plus, all three of you had bonded over the last month, taking the bots away now would be a bad move.

“Judging by how much the bots are freaking out…no im not taking them away”
“WHAT!? Are you serious!?” Joel stands up in utter frustration, scaring his cat half to death.

“We came here all this way just for nothing?!”

“No, we came here to check up on the robots now, and by the looks of it, they seem to be fine” Skrillex adds, ignoring his friends anger.

“Whatever, im out of here” Joel huffs in anger and leaves your house.

“I don’t know how I still deal with him” Skrillex adds.

“So…you’re not taking Thomas and Guy then?”
Skrillex smiles and relaxes in place.

“No.  I’m still trying to lay low from the feds, and it seems Thomas and Guy-Manuel have grown very attached to you.  And I can’t take away two bots from their mom, I may be a genius but I’m not heartless”

Relief washes over you like a wave of coolness.  You could keep the bots, they were going to be with you forever, or for as long as you live.

Skrillex smiles and head to your door, now ready to leave.

“Like I’ve written in the notes, if you need anything for Daft Punk just text that number I gave you, It can’t be tracked. Try not to save it on your phone and delete it after you’ve sent the message, I don’t want anyone tracking you down and taking Thomas and Guy-Manuel away from you”

You nod in understanding.  You also realize that the bots are in more harm than you thought.  You still had more questions about the bots, but you would save those for later.  Skrillex had said that he would check up on you and ‘Daft Punk’ often.  That gave you some peace of mind, to know that someone else knows about the bots and could help you whenever you needed assistance.

“Thank you, for everything” you say, all acidity gone from your voice now knowing that Thomas and Guy man were going to stay with you..

“No problem”, Sonny responds, “Oh and by the way, Happy New Year”
With Christmas come and gone the countdown was on for the New Year.

Waking up Christmas morning was an adventure as Guy and Thomas were both bouncing on your stomach to wake you.  You had hyped up the idea of Christmas already for them.

All three of you spend the day watching movies and opening presents and just filling yourself up with cookies.  You were very happy when you saw Guy and Thomas laugh in excitement as they started to play with their new instruments.  For yourself, you had gotten some comfy pajamas and some video games.  Thomas and Guy liked watching you play video games; they liked the effects and colorful locations you played in.  They were especially fond of racing games, but when you got to play some shooter games Guy-man and Thomas started to get nervous.  You guessed that they hated the loud gunshot noises, so you stayed away from those games for a while.

There was something else you noticed that day about your bots.  As you were dressing Thomas and Guy-man in some new little sweatpants and shirts you noticed that the shirts didn’t cover their stomachs completely.  You knew pretty damn well the shirts and pants were two sizes too big for the bots but the clothing was now begging to be too small.  You don’t know how or why but the bots were growing. You took the liberty of measuring them a few days ago, and as of today they were a fraction of an inch taller.

They were robots, they couldn’t grow, but somehow they were getting bigger.  Hundreds of thoughts ran through your head as to how it was possible the robots were growing.  You guessed they were somehow upgrading by themselves but it was all still a mystery.  The bots were unaffected though, they still laughed and played like normal, as far as you knew, they were healthy.  For now you went on as normal with Thomas and Guy-man.

It was two days after Christmas but there were still a few special on TV and you were starting to doze off on the couch.  Guy-man and Thomas were playing with their instruments on the play mat near you.

“Mama?” Thomas asks as he sees you closing your eyes.  You do try to respond but you had stayed up late last night and sleep is tugging your eyes closed.

“Moma?” a different voice calls; you easily recognize it as Guy-man’s voice. Guy had learned to say his alteration of calling you mom on Christmas day, which was an added present for you, and you couldn’t be happier.

Both bots know you sleep, but if you’re out for too long they do tend to worry about you not waking up.

You’re about to open your eyes to reassure your bots that you’re okay when you feel a hand on your arm.

That in itself made your eyes shoot right open.  You look to your right as you roll to your side and see Thomas standing on his legs, leaning on the couch to use as a stabilizer.

“Thomas, you’re walking!” You sit up and see Thomas step back and loose his balance and falling on his little bottom.  That action only made him laugh, it seemed like Thomas would laugh at anything given the chance.

You were sure the feeling you were experiencing right now is what parents feel when their own children pass a mile stone in their life.

“I’m so proud of you Thomas!” You praise Thomas as you pick him up and take him in a big hug, to which he returns.  You want to hug Guy-man too as he tends to become jealous of anything you do with Thomas, but as you do you see him with his head on the ground and bottom in the air.  You question yourself as to why he’s doing that but you soon realize that he’s trying to stand like Thomas did.   Probably following the same process that Thomas used.

Guy-Man is more wobbly than Thomas but he manages to stand for a good ten seconds before falling back completely on the soft play mat.

You include Guy into the hug too after seeing him put all his effort into simply standing.

“I’m very proud of you two” You say softly as you kiss both the tops of Guy and Thomas’ helmets.  Both bots make happy beeps as they take in your praise.  At that moment you see the familiar little light that indicates that Guy and Thomas are in need of a charge.  It had been around two weeks since their last full charge, and now you have a rough estimate as to when the bots need a charge.

Taking a quick trip to your bedroom, you retrieve the two cables and connect Guy and Thomas into the wall to charge.  There was a socket near your couch so you plug in both bots and lay them on your sides so all three of you can take a short nap.  Guy and Thomas doze off fast and you couldn’t help but follow them into the dream world as you were as comfortable as anyone can be with two little bots by their sides.


You wake up only an hour and a half later as your limbs were falling asleep and becoming stiff.

Thomas and Guy-man were still snoozing peacefully at your sides.  You take both bots and place them on the couch, using a nearby blanket to cover them.

The holidays were over but you still had a butt load of decorations out.  You decide to take a few little things to your small basement to make the cleanup process later easier.  The basement itself wasn’t bad at all, as you plan to make it a gamer lounge soon.

Moving boxes around wasn’t on the top of your list but it was a chore that had to be done.

“Moma” Guy-man’s voice was audible though still muffled.  You knew now that your bots were probably awake and looking for you now.

You’re about to head up the stairs until a repeating crashing sound catches your attention.

Your blood runs cold as you see that the crashing sound was Guy-Man falling down the stairs.

“GUY!” You run towards the where Guy was now lying on the ground crying.  Somehow he had detached his charging cable and had gone looking for you.  Like an idiot you forgot to close the baby gate at the top of your basement door.  The bots were sleeping so you’d thought they wouldn’t be walking about just yet.

Guy-man was crying loudly as you take him in your arms, you apologizing as you rocked him in your arms.  You check his body for lesions or breaks but nothing is present, that is, until you see his helmet.

Guy’s helmet was in the worst condition you could imagine.  There was a crack near the top right of his helmet, that crack had other several breaks connecting to it, similar to a broken car window.  Guy’s helmet wasn’t shattered except for that one crack.  You weren’t sure if Guy could feel pain but now you were pretty damn convinced that he could.

You take Guy in your arms and exit your basement, making sure to close the door behind you; you don’t need another broken baby bot on your hands.  Your basement wasn’t too far down but Guy was still such a tiny thing, falling down your stairs for him was probably equivalent to falling from a tall tree for you.

Not caring for details on the fall, to put your attention to Guy-man and his cracked helmet.

Setting Guy man on your couch you stress as to how you’re able to fix this problem now.

“Mama” Thomas is at your feet now, begging to be picked up and put on the couch.  You obey and set Thomas near Guy.

Thomas looks at Guy-man with the little red eyes he had, probably wondering what was wrong with his robot brother.

“G-Gee” Thomas still couldn’t say Guy’s name properly so he went with his alternative.

Guy-man only continued to cry to which Thomas got closer to Guy and hugged him, in hopes of making Guy feel better, and it perhaps may have worked as Guy’s crying downed a bit.

You scratched your head in mild frustration at yourself.  The bots were now old enough to wake up by themselves and detach themselves from charging, leave the couch and go looking for you. It was obvious Guy did that and Thomas followed suit, but Guy went looking for you and met his unfortunate accident.

You didn’t have any extra robot part lying around so that was an out, and this was something that couldn’t be fixed with tape or glue.  To put it simply, you were at a loss.

Calling your friend was out of the question as well since they would have less of an idea of what to do than you.

Three loud knocks on your door distract you from your mild anxiety attack.  You wonder who could be visiting you now of all times.  Checking the widow again, while having mild deja’vu, you see no one at the door.

You hope not to see more baby robots at your door as you open it, but instead of a basket you see a small box.

Picking up the box you bring it inside and open it.  To your amazement you see something that brings you relief.

A small screen, one similar to Guy’s, but this one was unscratched.

You stare at the screen for a good three minutes.  Who would send you this? Why now?  You felt as though you were being watched.

Checking outside you see no one but the cars passing by.  It was too cold outside for anyone to really be out unless they were shoveling their driveway.

Someone was watching you, you weren’t sure who.  How else would they know about Guy-man’s injury?

You go back inside and check the box again; you see a small piece of paper on the inside that had missed your initial inspection.

Writing was present on it, and again, it looked like it had been printed instead of written.

“If Guy or Thomas are ever injured, text his number, do not call it, as no one will answer.  Explain what part is needed and it will arrive soon after”

As explained, a number was there after the text.

You weren’t sure if you should feel scared or relieved.  Someone was watching you or they weren’t either way they found out that something like this was going to happen again, and they had given you a lifeline, a way to keep your bots healthy.

Now came the difficult part, how to exactly replace the broken part of Guy’s helmet.

“Okay Guy, I’m going to fix you now, try not to move” Guy did as he was told.  You felt horrible and it amazed you as to how Guy still listened to you without hesitation, you almost felt as if he should be angry at you, if not afraid.

Taking Guy’s helmet carefully you look around to see if there was any way to replace it, like taking out a window on a car or something.

You realize soon that the bottom inside of Guys helmet had some little latches that when pulled popped out the broken part.

“Oh!” the broken visor came off easily.  You took liberty of looking inside Guy-man’s helmet, the inside is what a light up toy might look like with little lights and wires everywhere.  With the further inspection of damage complete you were able to pop the new screen.  The scary part was now over.

“There, hopefully that’s all” you say as you kiss the top of Guy’s helmet.

Guy takes his little hands and checks his own face.  He was still slightly shaking from the trauma the fall caused but all in all he was better.

Everything seemed too easy to fix.  You would think something like that would be more complicated, but Thomas and Guy-man weren’t man made, as far as you know, so if they were advanced enough to be able to walk and crawl without being upgraded, fixing them shouldn’t be a huge issue if they are that advanced.

For the rest of the day you keep Guy-man and Thomas near you and make sure any doors or walk ways were blocked.  In a way that accident made you just as scared as Guy.  You were careless, you knew the bots could crawl and now even walk to a distance yet you thought that they couldn’t disconnect themselves from charging to go looking for you.

You head to your bedroom and sit there with Guy and Thomas mumbling and lightly laughing with each other.  Being a parent was hard, and you knew that if you had any human kids that accident would have been ten times as worse.

Feeling waves of disappointment in yourself you hang your head.  Accidents happen, you knew that, but you still felt like a pile of crap for what happened to Guy.

“Moma” Guy crawls over to you and lays himself on your lap.  You know that Guy can tell that you’re sad.  Thomas and Guy were always hyper aware of your emotions, whenever you were sad, which was rarely, they would try anything to make you happy.  There was one instance where you weren’t too sad but you weren’t feeling so hot either, Guy and Thomas saw your behavior shifted and they went on to have a good hour long jam session with their toys.  You were fine after ten minutes but Guy and Thomas would always want you to be at your happiest.

“I’m sorry Guy, I didn’t mean for you to get hurt, I just left the damn door open and I didn’t know you would follow me”
You apologize to Guy in hopes he’ll know that you feel horrible about everything.

Guy goes to stand on the bed, using you this time for balance.  You help him by holding his little hands as he goes and falls into your arms.  Guy then lightly hits the area where your mouth is, the hit is similar to you tapping your own finger on your face as Guy wasn’t that strong at all.  You guessed this was Guy’s way of telling you to stop making yourself feel bad, and that he forgives you.

You lightly smile and thank Guy-man.  It seems like he and Thomas knew that you cared for their well being.  They also realized not to go wandering off without you around.  Although, you still kept your baby bots close to you no matter what now, you didn’t want a repeat of today.

Evening passed and now the night greeted the cold earth once more.  Thomas and Guy had gone into sleep mode and were now dreaming happily to your right on your bed as you decided to catch one more episode of your favorite show.

Sleep wasn’t going to be easy tonight as you looked at the note again with the massage of fixing your bots.  Someone must have been watching you if they knew Guy was in need of a repair.  Then again, the accident took place in your basement, and the doorway downstairs was away from any nearby windows and doors.  That only made you wonder even more.

You looked around the paper some more, in hopes of finding some marking of some sort.

Something did catch your attention though.  The bottom right corner of the note was folded over, kind of dog-eared like the books you read to save your favorite parts.

You unfolded the corner, finding only one thing.

No name, no address, no wring of that sort, just three red slashes at the corner of the paper.
The days are full of snow fall and children sledding down small hills, and that’s just one of the many signs that tells you that Christmas is upon you now.  The mall is full of holiday songs and all the windows are decorated with ornaments and sparkly things that could almost blind you.

The mall is full, as it should be since one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year is only 2 days away.  You’re out shopping again though you try not to stay long since Thomas and Guy are still at alone at home.  You also didn’t want them to see the little presents you were getting them.  At first you weren’t going to get anything, maybe just splurge on yourself but now you had two little ones that needed musical instruments.  Thomas had grown more confident and gone through the small selection of pots and pans you had and had the time of his life playing them in the kitchen.  Amazingly the sounds didn’t sound random; you could have sworn he had a beat going.

You knew Thomas and Guy were fond of music, whenever you put on any of your music on they would move their little bodies around.  Guy was able to move around better now as he could now fully sit up by himself without the assistance of a pillow.

You wanted to get your little bots some real instruments that they could use, but were durable enough that they wouldn’t break.

Heading into the little toy store in the mall you go toward where keyboards and drum sets were located.  You find a small keyboard that played different instruments by itself, and a small clear drum set at a reasonable price.  As you’re done paying for the instruments a voice calls out to you from the crowd.

“Hey you!”  You recognize that voice easily and one that you can identify anywhere.

You’re best friend.

“Hey long time no see!” they chime.

“H-hey, how’s it been?”
“Eh, pretty much the same, just shopping for my family and stuff.  What are you buying?”
“Just some toys”
“For who?”
That was the question you hoped your friend wouldn’t ask.  What were you going to say? That the toys were for the two robots at your house?  That wasn’t gonna happen.

“…My cousins”
“But you live far from your family members.  Are you donating them?”
“No, yeah, well they’re for someone I know”
“I know that, but I mean you don’t have family members here and you don’t have kids…or DO YOU?”

“What?! No!” Not really, you add in your head.
“Ok good, well, having kids is nice but I know you’re not dating anyone, so I’m still curious about the toys”

Usually your friend wouldn’t pry into your life but this is something anyone you knew would question.  You wonder if you should tell your friend about Guy and Thomas.  They could help with taking care of them whenever you had to do something important.  And your friend was in college and could easily take care of the bots in her dorm since her roommate dropped out.  Although, you weren’t sure how they would react to seeing the little robots.

“Its…complicated.  I’m willing to show you…but you have to come to my house, it’s kind of a long story, and I know I’m being really mysterious right now but I want you to try to understand my situation”
Your friend picked up on your serious tone and nodded, deciding not to really ask any more questions since you might not give straight forward answers.

“Are you okay though?” they ask.
“Yeah I’m fine, I just have a few new things happening in my life”
To that you tell your friend the time to be at your house and bid them a quick goodbye to them.  This was where the new challenge began.

You almost raced home in your car, nearly clipping a few other cars due to the slippery road, but a hundred thoughts ran through your head as to how to handle the situation now at hand.

Guy and Thomas were still sleeping when you got home, but soon awoke as soon as they heard the door close.

“Mama!” Thomas called out knowing it was you as soon as you walked in.  You head over to your bedroom where Thomas and Guy were sleeping.  Thomas sitting up and waiting for you, Guy still lying on his tummy and rubbing his eyes, probably something he picked up from you as you would do that every morning.

“Hey babies!” You almost squealed like a fan girl at a comic con convention as you went to pick up Thomas and Guy from your bed and hug them lightly.  Seeing Thomas and Guy every day made your day much brighter, they were too adorable not to just want to pick up and cuddle.

Your smile quickly fades as you sit on your bed to try to explain your situation to your bots.  They were babies yes, but somehow they were able to understand what you told them.

“Thomas, Guy…today we’re going to have a visitor.  They don’t know about you, and…I don’t know how they’ll react to seeing you”

Guy looked up at you with a concerned look, while Thomas seemed indifferent about anything.  Thomas seemed like the more outgoing one while Guy-man was shy and not as willing.

“The person is my best friend so we can trust them” you say, but in your mind you hope that your lifelong friendship with your buddy is good enough to keep your bots safe.

Though you were sure your friend wouldn’t rat you out to anyone, you decide to take drastic measures in making Guy-man and Thomas as adorable as possible.  You hoping their cuteness factor was enough to convince anyone that they are worth keeping around.

You had taken the liberty of buying Thomas and Guy-man some new outfits.  Five outfits in fact.  The outfit you decide to dress your bots in is as cute and cheesy as it gets.

You dress Thomas in a little grey suit with a blue shirt under it; he even had a little tie.  As for Guy-man, he wears a little red jacket, and a little ruffled white shirt under it, his shoes match his jacket in a way that they almost compliment themselves.  You dressed Guy and Thomas in anyway a new parent would, not coordinated at all but still somehow pulling it off because hey babies don’t know what the heck they’re wearing.

Stepping back you to take a good look at both Guy-man and Thomas together, you were sure they were cute enough to melt anyone’s heart.  You take both bots to the living room and sit them on your couch.

The waiting game was the worst.  You told your friend to be at your house at five, but it seemed like time slowed down to a crawl as you waited.

The actual ringing of your doorbell was what made you jump in your seat.  Taking a deep breath you head towards the door.

“Hey” your friend greets.

“Hey what took you so long?” You ask with some joking intended.

“I got us some burgers so we can eat I’m freaking starving”
“oh uh, before we go into the living room, I kind of need to tell you about the whole toy thing”
“Okay…” Your friend looks at you with a questioned look.

“Please don’t think I’m pulling a prank on you, because I’m not”
“I don’t think you are, you aren’t one to really buy toys anymore, and you can buy real instruments at a real guitar center or something” Your friend kids around.

From there you begin to tell your friend about Guy-man and Thomas.  You tell them about the night the bots were at your door, the note about them, the first time Thomas called you his mom.  Basically everything that happened in the past week or so you’ve had the bots.

“….So you sure they aren’t just babies in robot costumes and someone just decided to leave them like that?”
“No, I even thought of that and I checked” You say.

“…Where are they?”
You lead your friend into the living room where Thomas and Guy-man were sitting patiently.  You again joke in your head how real parents would kill for kids like Thomas and Guy as they were almost completely well behaved.

“The gold one is Guy-man and the silver one is Thomas”
Your friend stands there for a minute, contemplating what they were seeing in front of them.  Luckily, Thomas was the first to break the ice.

“Mama!” Thomas says cheerfully as he sees you again.

“Oh, my, GOD! That was adorable!” Your friend squalled so loudly that it startles little Guy-man so much he starts to cry.

You reach for Guy and hold him in your arms.

“it’s alright Guy, it’s okay” You coo to Guy in a low voice.

“Oh god, did I scare him?”
“I think you did. I guess it’s because he doesn’t know you, and he’s more timid towards everyone”

“Oh I’m sorry…Guy, was it?” Your friend asks. You nod and your friend goes to pat Guy’s back but Guy shrinks into your arms.

“Gosh, now I feel bad”

“Please don’t, you can hold Thomas, he’s more outgoing and willing to make friends” you add.

Thomas loves to be carried by anyone; in fact, this was the first time he was being held by anyone other than you.

“Hello Thomas” Thomas easily falls for your friend and touches their face in an effort to get to play with him.

“So these guys just randomly showed up on your doorstep?”
“Yeah, I don’t know who left them.  I’m still amazed you believed me so fast”
“it’s what friends are for.  And I didn’t have any good ideas as to why you were buying those-“
“AAHhhh, no no no” you signal your friend to stop talking, as to not spoil the Christmas gifts for your bots.
“Ah, so the presents are for these guys huh?”
“Yeah, they need some real musical things so they can stop using my pots as drums” you laugh at your joke, and so does your friend and Thomas.  Guy-man was still wary to your friend but got more comfortable as they stayed longer.

As the time went by Guy got used to your friends random spazes of loudness, they didn’t’ happen often, but Guy still got startled enough to jump a little in your lap

“Actually, I have a favor to ask you” You say in hopes that your friend will say yes.

“yeah, what is it?” Your friend asks, still kind of distracted while playing with Thomas.
“I’m going back to work after a week, and I don’t have anyone to take care of Thomas and Guy-man.  They don’t need to eat but I don’t want to leave them alone.  And since I know you don’t work-“
“I’d love to take care of them!” Your friend says excitedly.

“You will?”
“Of course!  These guys are just too cute not to take care of, I don’t know if these guys are real or not but I’m willing to go along for the ride”

“Thanks so much, I really owe you for this”
“No problem”

“But there is one thing though”
“what is it?”
“No one else knows about the bots.  I need you to be careful with them; I don’t want some guy from the government taking them from me”

Your friend sees the sadness ray of sadness in your eyes as you think about someone taking Guy and Thomas away from you.

“You really love these guys don’t you?”
“Yeah I do, such a short time has passed but I do love them as if they were my real kids, you know?”
“I understand, I mean these guys are just too cute to just leave!” Your friend says as she hugs Thomas closer to their face, to which Thomas laughs even louder.

So for now, you were set.  Thomas and Guy-man had a baby sitter that would care for them when you went back to work.  You had nothing else to really worry about.  Going through the steps of taking care of your bots was easy enough, as Thomas and Guy didn’t seem to need charging yet, and the two week mark was about to hit, but you would worry about that later.  For now you asked your friend to take watch Thomas and Guy in your living room because you had a few presents to wrap for the upcoming holiday.


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Guil-T-Pleasurez Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Do you art trade by any chance? (Sorry if I've already asked; it's really hard to keep track.)
MizfitJess Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student
(sorry for the late response) to be honest ive never really done an art trade, im not real sure how its done xD i think it has something to do with 2 artist working on 1 piece of art? like i said ive never done one, but i would be willing to try it :3
Guil-T-Pleasurez Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, Art Trades are where one artist creates something for another, and the second artist pays them with art of similar value. I usually have my half be writing, since I'm not very good at drawing.

PinUpCitizen Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the watch!
MizfitJess Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student
no problem :3 :tighthug:
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